Thursday, January 18, 2018

#TBT 6th birthday surprise with Houston Rockets mascot Clutch

Hey Happy New Year! 

Mommy, has been super busy my blog has been neglected but she did promise to update it weekly, so here we go! It's January, 2 days before my big 8th birthday and I am stoked! 7 was a big year for me too. I had a big birthday party at the Houston Children's Museum - where I debuted by song "HTownKid" and performed it. 

I met DJ Khaled and was on his snapchat. The Houston Chronicle wrote a story about me and Dj Khaled - which is super cool!

DJ Khaled and HTownKid - Houston Chronicle 
 I performed with Clutch The Houston Rockets Mascot during an NBA game. I had the best time!

 I cut my big curly hair during the summer after 1st grade. My mom cried! I lost several teeth. I grew a whole lot - I outgrew a bunch of shoes and clothes, I know because mommy buys me new clothes often. 

I went from loving the Nintendo DS to wanting the Nintendo Switch and realizing that I really didn't want it. I love playing Roblox, I traveled with my parents to Cancun on our 1st family trip out of the country. I met a friend named Randie, I think mommy and his mom are planning a trip.

We survived Hurricane Harvey and mom and I donated a lot of my gently used clothes to kids who needed clothes because they lost their belongings. 

I met Drake, French Montana and DJ Khaled and the whole Houston Texans team. 

Mommy and me at field day

Pitbull concert was lit!

Since it's Thursday and my birthday is in a few days here is a TBT video of my 6th birthday. Mommy took me to a Houston Rockets game and this was my surprise. 

My mom is the best!