Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Met JJ Watt and the Texans!

I met my favorite Texans players! 
I was invited to JJ Watts Foundation Softball game and boy was I in for a treat.
I thought the highlight of my night would be meeting Toro  again ( the Texans Mascot) but instead I met Toro plus the incredible JJ Watt and his teammates. 

I performed at the Houston Rockets game!

I was so excited when my mommy told me that I was going to perform at The Houston Rockets game. I love Clutch (the mascot) and when I found out I would be little Clutch, I screamed and yelled with excitement. Earlier in the week, I had came down with a fever and slight cold but that didn't stop me from performing my heart out with my favorite mascot.  

I met DJ Khaled and I made his snapchat!

A few months ago, during Super Bowl festivities my mommy had to work an event where she hosted DJ Khaled. Mom - knew that I had been wanting to meet him and just like that mommy made it happen.

Check out the clip and a BIG thank you to Joey at the Houston Chronicle for sharing the story!