Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I performed at the Houston Rockets game!

I was so excited when my mommy told me that I was going to perform at The Houston Rockets game. I love Clutch (the mascot) and when I found out I would be little Clutch, I screamed and yelled with excitement. Earlier in the week, I had came down with a fever and slight cold but that didn't stop me from performing my heart out with my favorite mascot.  

I arrived before the game, had dress rehearsal and I was eager to perform in front of a major crowd. The Skit Clutch and I did was fun and the audience loved it.

Enjoy the pics that mommy's friend Mr. Bob Levey took while I performed and watch the whole performance below and please leave a comment!

This was fun!

I'm sad the Rockets didn't win the championship but super happy to have performed with Clutch at The Toyota Center - 2nd quarter, 2nd time out.

Thank you to Natalie for calling my mommy!! 

click HERE to watch the video

Thanks Natalie, you're the best! 

Rockets Power Dancers

p.s. please leave a comment!

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